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Welcome and Thank You for your interest in HOMETOWN HOLIDAY MARKET, DECEMBER 4th from 9am-4pm. We are looking for creative, unique, local businesses, artisans, crafters and more to join our event. We will carefully review applications, selecting a diverse group of vendors that hold to an excellent standard in presentation and product for a festive shopping experience for our shared guests. First wave of vendor approval will be November 10th the second wave, November 18th, remaining approvals to follow as applicable.
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Madera Fair has limited "Floating" spaces. These are from the prop aresnal of Madera Fair. OPTIONS available: (1) 8' x 4', half of a farmhouse table. (1) live edge bar height counter on wine barrels, (1) ladder and shelve arrangement. These retail displays will "float" in the center of the room. We look forward to collaborating on a nono-traditional creative space with a select few! Vendors will be provided a bar stool for their space. Additional inventory to be stored off the floor in Madera Fair's backroom.
Power Request, $20/day Power spaces are limited.

Catering from The Grazing Table Events Pre-Order a lunch, if you'd like! Not required.

An application submission DOES NOT guarantee or assign booth space! Holiday Market spaces are issued AFTER the application is approved and fees are paid. No guarantees of any kind are made. Full payment must be received within 3 business days of approval. NO refunds will be given, NO EXCEPTIONS.
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