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History of Madera Fair


The 21-A District Agricultural Association is known by many different names. Most call us "The Madera Fair". Some call us "The Madera County Fair". Other just refer to us as "The Fair". But we prefer to be called "The Madera District Fair."

The roots of this name goes back to our roots in 1937 when the 21-A District Agricultural Association was first formed. At that time, the Madera County Fair had been in operation in multiple locations throughout the County and in order to distinguish the DAA from the County Fair, the name Madera District Fair was used.

Our History

The 21-A District Agricultural Association was first established in 1937 on what had previously been known as the Rodeo Grounds which bordered the Fresno River and Gateway Drive. In the early 50's, the 99 freeway route was established which cut the fairgrounds into two parcels. The property on the east side of the freeway was sold and is now known as Rotary Park. Additional property was purchased at that time on the west boundary which resulted in a total area of 116 acres owned by the DAA in 1967.

(To Be Continued...)

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