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Free Speech Guidelines

21A District Agricultural Association
Madera District Fair
Free Speech Zone Guidelines

Section 1- Findings

It is the policy of the 21A District Agricultural Association (Association) to allow reasonable access to its grounds and to provide designated “free speech expression zones” for the conduct of free speech activity protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I to the California Constitution. These guidelines are the written policies of the Association relating to the use of its grounds and free speech zones for the conduct of free speech activities during the annual Madera District Fair.

Section 2 - Free Speech Zones

Free speech zones will be available outside of the paid gate; Main gate, North gate and South gate, all identified with FREE SPEECH ZONE signage. All activities in free speech zones located outside of the paid gate will be limited to the hours the fairgrounds are open to the public. All free speech must be exercised within 20 feet of the FREE SPEECH ZONE sign.

Free speech zones are located outside of the paid gate without charge on a limited first-come, first-served, basis. Free speech zones located outside of the paid gate must be vacated and all equipment removed during the hours the fairgrounds are closed to the public.

Section 3 - Conditions for Use of Free Speech Zones

The use of free speech zones is governed by the following conditions:
1. All equipment, booths and tables must be kept within the confines of the assigned free speech zone and will not impede the movement of individuals. The following equipment may be brought into a free speech zone:

(a) An eight foot long table (maximum length) and four chairs at each allowable location;
(b) Signs which may be placed on the table or directly in front of the table only, and must not exceed two by four feet
(c) Necessary pens, pencils, paper clips, clipboard and leaflets or other materials to be disseminated to the public. All materials must be secured to prevent littering.

2. No one shall utilize signs or displays or disseminate literature which employs fighting words, obscenities or presents gruesome, grisly or repulsive displays.

3. No one utilizing a free expression zone shall use or employ any sound device of any kind including, but not limited to, megaphones, microphones, loud speakers, etc.

4. There shall be no sale or offer for sale of any merchandise or services of any kind, including the taking of orders for merchandise or services.

Section 4 - Violations of Guidelines

Anyone violating any of the provisions of these guidelines may be asked to leave the grounds of the Association.

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