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2021 Livestock Market Exhibitors wishing to sell Swine, Lamb, Goat, Poultry or Rabbit projects must complete and submit an INTENT TO SHOW form for the 2021 Junior Livestock Show and Sale by JULY 1st 2021. Due to COVID and our late notice to proceed with the 2021 Fair, we will not be pre-tagging market entries at this time. Tags will be distributed after receipt of Intent to Show and prior to Livestock Market Entry closing date, JULY 23rd 2021. The Intent to Show form and any pictures should simply include existing tags, ear notches, or other identifying marks.
Please complete the INTENT TO SHOW form below and send by email to

Include the following in your email:
• completed INTENT TO SHOW form
• clear photos that include a head shot with ear tag, full right side of body, full left side of body, and rear of animal. (No photos for Rabbit or Poultry projects)
• a copy of a Bill of Sale, Brand Inspection, or hatch certificate
* Rabbit and Avian exhibitors may omit breed and copy of Bill of sale, Brand Inspection or Hatch Certificate from Intent to Show form as the form is simply and intent. Breed and proof of ownership will be required with your entry form.
If you have not received an email response within 24 hours of submitting, please contact the Madera Fair Office at 559-674-8511

*2021 Market Beef Exhibitors, INTENT TO SHOW form for the 2021 Junior Livestock Show and Sale was due MAY 10th 2021.


2021 update

At our regular Board meeting on Wednesday, March 17th 2021, the Board of Directors expressed their support and delight at the prospect of being able to hold livestock shows this year. We still have a lot of work to do, and things may not look the same as they did in the past, but we are committed to hold market gradings and a virtual sale at an absolute minimum in 2021. Our hopes are to do much more for our livestock exhibitors in 2021, but please be patient with us as we navigate the ever changing rules of the County and the State.
Stay tuned for updates!


In order to participate in a youth livestock program (excluding horse, cavies & dogs) at any California Fair, all exhibitors 9 years of age and older must obtain annual certification in the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program or a comparable fair run program approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Fairs and Expositions Branch. Those not certified through a youth education certification program on the issues of animal welfare, food safety and character education are not eligible to participate at a California Fair. Madera Fair has opted to require Mini Member exhibitors younger than 9 to take the YQCA training as well.



Online training costs $12 per exhibitor and may be completed at any time prior to entry deadline.

If you are looking to save a little, there are a number of instructor led training's that are currently being offered here in the valley which will cost $3 per exhibitor. This training will still require you to register in advance through the website. A list of training's being offered locally is listed below, but since there are new ones being added all of the time, please visit for current training's. Also, please be aware that people who are offering these instructor led training's are volunteering their time. If you attend one of these training's, please arrive early and make sure that your registration has been completed so that the class does not get held up.

For more information and to register to take the course, go to

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